23 Jan 2016

Aleteia - Viral Photos: Bride and Groom Surprise Grandma in the Hospital on Their Wedding Day


Wedding photographer hopes images remind people that weddings are about "family and love," not dresses and cakes
Forget the staged engagements and promposals, forget the carefully choreographed bridal party dances, forget the over-the-top, cutesy pregnancy reveals; this is a story of real love, unscripted, the kind that causes a couple to go out of their way on their special day to make sure someone else feels special too. 
When 91-year-old Peg McCormack fell and broke her ankle on the morning of her grandson’s wedding, she was devastated as doctors told her she would have to miss the big event. She was already dressed up for the ceremony, and she was heartbroken that she would miss not only the couple’s nuptials but a rare chance to see many of her extended family members and friends. 
Remember the old saying, “If Mohammed can’t come to the mountain, the mountain will come to Mohammed”? Well, McCormack’s grandson Brian Kurtulik and his new wife, Lauren, brought the phrase to life when immediately after tying the knot they packed everyone they could into their chartered party bus and headed not to their reception but to the hospital.
Check out the photos and story here.

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