26 Jan 2016

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Rite & Reason: The ‘altruistic evil’ of 1916 Rising - Retrospective public consent in 1918 election provides only limited justification

Secular strife causes upcoming Council the be moved to Crete - The first major council of the world’s Eastern Orthodox churches in over 1,200 years will take place in Crete after the influential Russian Orthodox Church said political tensions between Moscow and Ankara ruled out holding it in Turkey.
The Inside Story on the Turnpike Mass, From the Priest Who Led It

The Angel of Dachau: Pope Francis declares concentration camp priest a martyr

Sudden Sadness and the World Around Me

Straddling the tricky secular-religious divide - Jean Vanier is a spiritual point of reference in the turbulent seas of contemporary discord, writes Michael W. Higgins

Preparing for the watershed - As the year of centenaries and elections begins to unfold, opinions on party manifestos and commemorative events are reaching a crescendo. Amid the clamouring views, one authoritative voice, with an all-island perspective, needs to be heard. Archbishop Richard Clarke is the Church of Ireland Primate of All Ireland. Members of his flock are found north and south of the border. Indeed, one of the flock, Arlene Foster, is now at the helm in Northern Ireland as First Minister and leader of the DUP.  

Religious liberty at center of Pope's meeting with Iranian president

Bishop Barron: Christianity 'running on fumes' as Eucharistic devotion wanes

Pope Francis: Persecution of Christians Is Persecution of Jesus Christ

What is Spiritual Direction?

The Marrakesh Declaration: Muslim Leaders Pledge Support for Minority Rights

Crux - The bond between the Vatican and Iran is a partnership destined to endure

Goodbye, Starbucks: A Glimpse Inside a Young Nun’s Life

Meditation when you can’t sit still - Many of us spend our days on a perpetual treadmill. Going from one thing to the next. The suggestion of slowing down to mindfully meditate might sound like an invitation to climb Everest. Note to inner self: it is worth the effort.

Can we live without beauty? - A magazine clearinghouse somehow got the idea that our family wants every women’s health, fitness, and lifestyle magazine in the world delivered to our house.

Simple spiritual goals for a happier 2016 - Reading scripture is a habit I struggle with. I do well for a while, then go on vacation, or have my schedule interrupted.

An Unteachable Society and the Church - The rare virtue of "docility": an eagerness of mind and heart to be taught the most satisfying truth. 

Bishop Barron: Eucharistic faith is counter-culture

Pope Francis risks traditionalist anger with Martin Luther commemoration

Not everybody wants to wash women’s feet on Holy Thursday

Merkel opens exhibition of Yad Vashem’s Holocaust art in Berlin

The Great and Holy Council: Who, When, Why? 

March for Life gets snowed under blizzard coverage

Pope Francis: Powerful and Rich Risk Going to Hell If They Ignore the Poor

New Video from Diocese of Phoenix Explores “Society’s Crisis in Masculinity”


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