20 Jan 2016

Synod 2016 - Call for Proposals

We are into the final months of preparations for the Synod 2016 in April. We have named the six themes we will be discussing, and now delegates have to create specific proposals under each theme.

To assist the delegates in creating proposals for action we are currently issuing a call for a submission of ideas for action to the general public.

Parish Pastoral Councils have been asked to create space at a meetings to hear from members their ideas of what actions could be taken to address the issues that have been named through the Listening Process last Spring. If you personally have specific ideas to propose too, we would like to hear them.

Any such ideas can be forwarded to Karen at karen@ldo.ie or shared with local delegates. Hopefully these ideas will ‘spark’ the delegates, who are charged with developing formal proposals, with some ideas that might not otherwise have occurred to them

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