1 Dec 2015

Advent Reflections 2015 - Advent is a waiting time

Advent is a waiting time.
We wait for the celebration of the birth of Jesus and God waits for us.

Jesus, Come and bring us hope and courage.

Come to us as a reflection of God’s love.

Come and show us the ways of compassion and mercy.

Come into our world with justice and peace.

Show us your face in the stranger.

Show us your presence in contradiction and pain.

Show us your presence in all of our lives, in the people we love, the beauty of our natural world, in our own goodness and the goodness of others.

Let Advent happen for us now as we become aware of “new” things happening in our lives.

Let Advent happen as we learn to wait, to be patient, to ponder, to reflect, to observe, to slow down, to listen.

Make us be aware that there is always an Advent going on.

- B. Baker

"Our time is a time of waiting; waiting is its special destiny. And every time is a time of waiting, waiting for the breaking in of eternity. All time runs forward. All time, both in history and in personal life, is expectation. Time itself is waiting, waiting not for another time, but for that which is eternal"(Paul Tillich).

"Since the coming of Christ goes on forever-he is always he who is to come in the world and in the church-there is always an advent going on" (Jean Danielou).

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