31 Dec 2015

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Seeking Jesus, and finding faith - The 4th Wiseman

Are Your Christmas Traditions Fire or Ashes? Worthy traditions deserve a persevering love, and there can be no greater gift than handing on the faith from one generation to the next

Dorothy Day had nothing to say to this theologian – or so he thought

Co-incidence & Conversion - "It’s not too much to say that my charismatic upbringing trained my eyes to see all this. In the rituals of the Catholic Church, in the saints, in the papacy, and in the sacraments, I was able to recognize a drawing near to the person of Christ—in large part because another tradition taught me to recognize him in the first place."

Less travel, more reforms for Francis in 2016 Highlights include visit to Mexico, World Youth Day, all against the backdrop of the Year of Mercy

How to Easily Read the Whole Bible in 2016

18 Magical Photos of France’s Breathtaking Mont Saint-Michel

Priests aren't mushrooms: Pope Francis' reflection on priestly ministry, for mation

The Auschwitz Survivor Who Adopted the Grandson of Her Nazi Captor

Meet the monks who decided to go green years before Laudato Si

Thomas Becket and the King

Hilary Clinton: Islamic State’s killing of Christians should be labeled genocide
Top 16 in 2015 — Our Favorite Aleteia Pieces - Before we ring in 2016, a look back at some of our favorites you might not have seen
Femen Foundress Rejects Radical Past, Embraces Pro-Life Movement - Sara Winter talks with Aleteia about her journey from outrageous outlier to Christian seeker.

How to (Finally) Keep a Journal in 2016 - Helpful tips for recording something meaningful in your life in the new year

Somalia: A ‘fragile state’ - Somalia is the second most dangerous nation in the world for Christians

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