16 Dec 2015

Advent Reflections 2015 - Wonder & Awe

Wild Goose Publications, part of the Iona community have beautiful resources all year around. I really like their e-cards that can be sent off to friends around the world.  This is one of their Advent cards, and I offer it as a reflection on ‘wow’!
Wonder and Awe.
A skill much lacking in us adults in these cynical times.  I am thinking of a friend whose son, aged two, walked in on a newly decorated Christmas tree and stood in awe before it saying ‘wow Mama, its really Christmas now’. She commented that it was an amazing insight into the gift of ‘wonder and awe’, to see his eyes widen, his breath stop, his absolute amazement in the face of beauty.  Children remind us of our capability – of our need – for the gift of wonder and awe in Gods presence!
Like Kavanagh I long for the ‘luxury of a child’s soul’ (Advent) which I seem to have squandered so easily in my busy life.  Advent offers me an opportunity to reclaim the child-like soul in me that looks at God with wonder and awe.  If I am willing to stop and stand, I will be amazed
A candle, a hymn, a still moment – these things will all slow me down and bring me into the moment.  These are just gateways however, the real beauty is not the candlelight. The real beauty is seeing how God sees me, sees us, sees this creation God has made for us all.
Twinkle twinkle, Star dust, Mercy and love, Hope and healing
Wow, God really is with us – Emmanual
Wow, we really are loved eternally and completely
Wow, Christmas – Christ-with-us – really changes everything

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