8 Dec 2015

Advent Reflections 2015 - Always begin again

You get up in the morning; it’s a new day ahead
Forget yesterday, try to see each person new.
And begin again.
As the day proceeds
A memory comes back that disturbs
Fling it into God’s mercy
Begin again
A judgement rises in the heart against someone
Cast it aside
Begin again
A word spoken in haste
Say you’re sorry and
Begin again
A silly gaffe
Don’t analyze
Begin again
As the day draws to a close
A disappointing result
Don’t try to justify yourself
Begin again
Another occasion of being let down
Don’t give in to resentment
Begin again
Always begin again.
- Bishop Brendan Leahy
(Going to God Together: Reflections along the Way: New York: New City, 2013)

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