10 Dec 2015

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At the Threshold of Mercy: Our “Resting Place” Forever - Peter has just loosed a rampant mercy upon earth; what shall "drop down as dew" from heaven?

QUIZ: Can You Match These Habits With Their Religious Order?

I’m here wrapping a Christmas present I bought myself from my disabled son, which I will open alone’ – Mum's heart breaking letter to Ryan Tubridy

Salve Regina - A Prayer of Sisterhood

The Next Synod Is Already in the Works. On Married Priests - In mid-February Pope Francis will go to Chiapas, where hundreds of deacons with their wives are pushing to be ordained as priests. And in the Amazon as well the turning point seems to be near. It was all written down in the agenda of Cardinal Martini

The Problem With “Mary Did You Know” - The hymn that cancels Christmas

“Outgrowing Christianity” and Discovering … What? - Liberated from religion and waiting for reality at a manger that remains empty

What Is the Difference Between a Friar, a Monk and a Priest?

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