19 Dec 2015

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A "miracle" at the Holy Door in Zhengding: 10,000 underground Catholics celebrate the Jubilee without arrests (Gallery)

Pope Francis was in his element when he opened the ‘Door of Charity’ for the poor

Crux have a new series on The New Christian Martyrs - check in each week.

The Vatican's Middle East Politics - Why the Pope Partners With Iran

From Darfur to Taizé by way of Calais

Russia to Turkey: Be friendly. Give back Hagia Sophia.
Why a British photographer is saving churches in Russia's Far North  Taking Care - Three of my four daughters came home last weekend. They tried to make it look casual, like they had all just decided to pop in for a visit, but I saw what was really happening. The girls I’d raised to adulthood were coming home to take care of me.

Prince Charles warns of threat to Christianity in Mid East

Why Missionaries Can Never Go Home Again

It's unfair some parents have no choice but a Catholic school - but don't blame the Church

Fr. Cantalamessa 3rd Advent Sermon: Mary in the Mystery of Christ 
Thoughts on the countdown to sainthood for Mother Teresa 

25 Famous Scientists on God - Who says science and religion don't mix? Not these Nobel laureates and pioneers in science.

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