13 Dec 2015

Advent Reflections 2015 - Steps to Joy

Each Advent a friend of mine does something remarkable. She goes through her wardrobe and divides her clothing. Anything she has not worn that year is cleaned, neatly folded and given to the St Vincent de Paul Centre in her locality. When she began this practice six years ago, initially it was hard to part with her favorite items. She was even tempted to wear something just so she could hold onto it! Now however, she gives away her belongings with ease and even delight. She has discovered some practical steps that bring joy to her own life and the lives of others.
We might look at today’s Gospel (Lk 3:10-18) in the light of such deeds. When the crowds asked John how to prepare for the Messiah’s coming, John outlined certain steps to take. These steps targeted four important areas of life. In fact, the things that John targeted then are the same ones that we might focus on today. They address our relationship to clothing, food, money and power.
Today we light the rose-colored candle, a symbol of our desire to prepare joyfully for the imminent birth of Jesus. Like my friend whose preparation is both active and enthusiastic, may we take some practical steps as we prepare for the coming of this Child, God’s Joy made flesh.

Kathryn Williams pddm

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